Adam Anderson

Emotional Intelligence for Cyber Security Professionals

A Talk by Adam Anderson (Chairman & Chief Strategy Officer, Cyber Masterminds)

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Current state of the world: Companies and organizations are currently experiencing far more cyber risk than ever before. In this crisis the most important tool we must reduce that risk is the cyber security professional (CSP).

While the CSP is key to cyber risk reduction, they are not the primary owner of risk or budget inside the organizations they serve. This means that the only way the CSP can effectively impact Risk is by working with other people inside the organization.

The vast majority of CSPs spend their time focused on the threats that cause risk and build up an array of skill sets to combat those threats. As such, the CSP are the primary source for the information the organizations they serve need to make good decisions. The struggle most CSP face is summed up in the following question:

Problem Statement: “How can I match the right information, to the right people, at the right time, in a way that a non-CSP can understand and act on?”

New Solution: EIQ for CSPs The goal of EIQ for CSPs is to equip the CSP with a suite of skills and tools to communicate with non-CSPs about the complex topic of Cyber Risk and help advise the non-CSP on various solutions available and the impact of those solutions to the business.

How we do this: The EIQ for CSPs talk provides the framework for CSPs to address the challenge of effective communication with their colleagues, vendors, executives, and customers. We use lessons learned and systems created for emergency room doctors, military combat stress, and special forces mental toughness that teach: • Organization Awareness
• Psychological Safety • Conflict Resolution • Servant Leadership • Practical Implementation

After attending this talk, CSPs will understand: 1. Their changing role in the Cyber Security industry 2. How EIQ will give them the edge in their careers and lower overall cyber risk. 3. How to implement a practical system to engage with executives and peers to win budget for real security initiatives, not just for Cyber Security Theater.

October 15, 2019, 07:00 PM

07:00 PM - 08:00 PM

About The Speakers

Adam Anderson

Adam Anderson

Chairman & Chief Strategy Officer, Cyber Masterminds

Founder of Palmetto Security Group with 15 years experience running Cybersecurity Companies. Published 4 books on cyber security and the behavioral science to show the real risks facing companies and organization Entrepreneur in Residence Clemson MBAe Program (2012 - 2014) Global key note and TED speaker on business, cyber security, and entrepreneurship. Founder of the Psychological Security (PsySec) Risk pillar. Special advisor on Cyber Security to the Former Prime Minister of Bhutan.