Adam Anderson

Chairman & Chief Strategy Officer, Cyber Masterminds Founder of Palmetto Security Group with 15 years experience running Cybersecurity Companies. Published 4 books on cyber security and the behavioral science to show the real risks facing companies and organization Entrepreneur in Residence Clemson MBAe Program (2012 - 2014) Global key note and TED speaker on business, cyber security, and entrepreneurship. Founder of the Psychological Security (PsySec) Risk pillar. Special advisor on Cyber Security to the Former Prime Minister of Bhutan.

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Adam started life as a military brat in the air force, growing up in Germany and Florida. No, he doesn’t speak German anymore. Yes he can speak Floridian. He dropped out of the University of Utah after 96 credit Hours of downhill skiing, snow shoe camping, whitewater kayaking, rock climbing, and wilderness survival (Only got a B- on that one so trust, but verify in an emergency).

After saving the world from Y2K, Adam got into Cyber Security and has been in that world for 20 years. 15 years ago he launched his first of many companies. He has 14 failed companies (he calls these his non-profit work) and one successful exit. He currently has 5 companies in flight and raising a seed round for one of them.

Adam is the author of 4 books on cyber security and has given one TED talk on the subject.

Adam spent 3 years as the Entrepreneur in Residence at Clemson University’s MBA program and has developed a true love of helping other entrepreneurs get started or take the next step. He does this through working with incubators and accelerators, being a member of numerous entrepreneurial organizations, writing books, giving key notes, and coaching.

He discovered that business success without also success in the family was a hollow thing for him. He is now a practitioner of "Whole Life Entrepreneurship", a methodology and community he founded with his wife, Kerry Anderson. His mostest favorite thing to do in the world is craft adventures for his wife and their two kids, Eva and Kenton.

It is completely appropriate to ask for his assistance when it comes to entrepreneurial relationships, cyber security, public speaking, puns, and the journey through start up, cashing in, selling out, and bro-ing down.

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