Andy Gill

Learning To Test Pens 101

A Talk by Andy Gill (Senior Penetration Tester & Author, ZSEC Blog)

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This talk will provide an insight into the day to day learnings of a pentester, covering how to build an understanding of offensive security using free resources and demonstrating why degrees aren't the be all and end all of career progression.

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Free Ebook version of Breaking Into Information Security: Learning the Ropes 101 This book covers topics to get you from zero to junior pentester level - including everything you need to know to start breaking into web application penetration testing industry and looking for flaws or bug bounties.


October 18, 2019, 03:00 PM

03:00 PM - 04:00 PM

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Andy Gill

Andy Gill

Senior Penetration Tester & Author, ZSEC Blog

Andy has been in the IT security industry for over six years and holds CREST’s highly sought-after CCT Infrastructure certification and CHECK Team Leader status, as well as OSCP and OSWP certifications.