Taylor Banks

Chair, Cybersecurity Career Summit Taylor Banks (aka dr.kaos) spent over 20 years getting paid to hack into banks and government agencies and teaching hacking countermeasures to the Fortune 500 and the US Military.

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Taylor Banks believes in growing and investing in people that are working to make the world more secure. Banks now leverages his passion for security and education to help companies build trust and achieve sustainable growth at scale through the Cybersecurity Career Summit.

Taylor earned his CISSP in 2002, is a supporter of the EFF and a member of ISSA and ISACA, and previously served on the Board of Directors for the Metro Atlanta ISSA chapter. Mr. Banks started and organized the Atlanta DC404 group from 2003 through 2013, and founded kaos.theory security research, creators of Anonym.OS. In 2011, Taylor founded ACE Hackware, which now serves over 30,000 military, law enforcement, private security and retail customers from 50+ countries on all 7 continents.

Taylor Bnks has sponsored and spoken or volunteered at DEF CON, Black Hat, ShmooCon, LayerOne, Innerz0ne, Outerz0ne, Cloud Security Alliance, DerbyCon, SkyDogCon and Security BSides (Las Vegas and Atlanta), and is currently a staff member at DEF CON and DerbyCon.

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Growth Hacking Your InfoSec Career

October 21, 2019, 05:00 PM
Taylor Banks